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Heartland Corridor Clearance Project

Antler No. 2 Tunnel – Total Liner Removal

Project Description

The Heartland Corridor Clearance Project will enable double-stacked international maritime and domestic containers to be transported by rail between the Hampton Roads region of Virginia and locations in the Midwest by increasing tunnel clearances and modifying other overhead obstructions in western Virginia, West Virginia, and through to Columbus, Ohio. The Heartland Corridor was designated as a Project of National and Regional Significance under the recently enacted SAFETEA LU legislation.

Depending on tunnel condition and additional clearance required, three possible clearance improvement methods have been identified:

  • Track Modifications
  • Notching or replacing the lining
  • Elimination or replacement of the tunnel

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The Project is described twice in Public Law 109-59, the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU). At Section 1301(m)(2) it is described as: "Heartland Corridor Project including multiple intermodal facility improvements and improvements to facilitate the movement of intermodal freight from VA to OH." At Section 1702, Project No. 5072, it is described as: "Double stack clearance of tunnels on the Norfolk and Western Mainline in Virginia located on the Heartland Corridor."

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Memorandum of Agreements

The Memorandum of Agreement between FHWA, EFLHD, and the states of West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia was completed on July 11, 2006. This document describes the Project as the “Clearance Project” that consists of all work to allow double-stacked freight trains to run between the Hampton Roads region in Virginia and Columbus, Ohio. FHWA, EFLHD is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of the overall schedule for the entire Project, as well as for the management of the Federal funding.

The Memorandum of Agreement between FHWA, EFLHD, and Norfolk Southern Corporation (Railroad) was completed on August 8, 2006. This document lays out the roles and responsibilities for the Environmental Planning, Design and Construction of the Heartland Corridor Project. FHWA, EFLHD will be doing the environmental compliance work and the Railroad will be doing the design and construction. This is the basic operating agreement between EFLHD and the Railroad as to how this project is to be completed, relative to both engineering and funding roles and responsibilities.

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Financial Plan

Environmental Coordination


Status Reports / Briefings

* West Virginia Department of Transportation