Much like people, every road, every highway, has its own personality...its own character

Technology Deployment Program

The Federal Lands Highway (FLH) promotes deployment of new, emerging, and underutilized technologies applicable to transportation serving Federal lands. It provides technology delivery and knowledge sharing to Federal agencies, Tribal governments, and the FHWA Resource Centers. FLH plays an active role in the evaluation and implementation of highway technologies through field testing, showcasing, engineering assistance, and documenting and sharing results with the transportation community. The FLH Technology Deployment program is coordinated between the three Federal Lands Highway Divisions located in Sterling, Virginia (Eastern), Vancouver, Washington (Western); and Denver, Colorado (Central).

The FLH Technology Deployment program has several focus areas:
Design Visualization, Aesthetic Pavement Treatments, Geotechnical, Safety, Pavements, Structures, Survey and Mapping.

These key focus areas support the concept of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). CSS is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to the design of transportation solutions that examines physical setting, preserves scenic, aesthetic, historic and environmental resources, while maintaining safety and mobility. CSS is an approach that considers the total context within which a transportation improvement project will exist.

Each focus area is covered in detail in the form of studies, published articles, and reports which emphasize Federal Lands’ commitment to the concept of Context Sensitive Solutions.

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