Much like people, every road, every highway, has its own personality...its own character


Pavements involves the work of the Materials section, responsible for the verification and acceptance testing of all Construction materials (i.e. Geotextiles, concrete, asphalt, base stone, mortars, wood, paint systems, etc.) as well as preliminary design testing. These activities are performed at the Eastern Federal Lands Materials Laboratory located in Sevierville, Tennessee.

The Pavements Section provides technical assistance to highway design and construction for new and rehabilitation pavement projects. The laboratory assists in the design of asphalt mixtures, evaluation of in-service asphalt pavement performance, and implementation of new technology. The laboratory's activities are aimed at extending the life and improving the performance of asphalt pavement, reducing vehicle wear and tear, and shortening construction delays. Some of the findings are shared here in the form of reports and studies.

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